FIBA 3x3 Planet


FIBA’s goal is to make 3x3 into an Olympic sport. Spontaneous grassroots action had to find a more organized form and be directed towards creating a steady rise in the sport's global popularity. Rules had to be standardized. It’s a truism that the first half hour of any 3x3 pickup game is generally spent arguing about rules…

FIBA wanted to keep the threshold for getting involved in 3x3 basketball as low as possible, keeping the sport’s fun and spontaneous nature intact.

To do all this, FIBA needed to be where the players are – courtside.


The 3x3 Planet app is all a player needs to make the sport a part of the ebb and flow of life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual weekend player or a pro; the app offers something for everyone and there’s room for all on 3x3 Planet.

The app provides a comprehensive listing of events that the users view based on geographic proximity or via search, using a variety of filters. All events entered using the tool available are included in the listing.

The Players section shows the global ranking and users entered into the list as soon as a profile is created in the app.


The state of the art mobile solution provides a global platform that players can access anywhere. By providing a more structured approach to the game, taking FIBA to where the action is and bringing the global community of players together, the 3x3 Planet app helps raise the profile of the sport and build the groundswell that will take it into the Olympics.

The reviews for the app are excellent and it has been downloaded in 141 countries. This is just the beginning. The app is developed on a continuous basis and the process is very responsive to the needs of players and event organizers.

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