Futurice - Brand & Identity

In 2016 Futurice launched their Showreel / Brand video. It started out as a project for showing their customer cases, but evolved into something bigger. Including a manifesto / intro to the beginning transformed it from showcase into a statement. Since then, the video production has grown into new brand strategy, slogan, patterns, animations, typography, illustrations, presentations, website and business cards - the list keeps growing every day.

With their new identity, we wanted to take a peek into the future. Bold use of colours, strong and playful illustrations, and modern & sleek execution were the center for visuality. Human and technology go hand-in hand in each section of the identity, starting with their Brand strategy. Their own Futurice font was crafted with a monospace version for the developers to use in their everyday work, and even the abstract illustrative elements were brought to life with the concept of pareidolia. The use of photos were given a facelift with the colour “wash” and patterns inspired by both nature and mathematics. The great thing is that this is only the beginning. With a strong conceptual base, there really isn’t any limit to where this can be taken - as long we keep an open mind.

Illustrations by talented: Morumotto