Futurice - Showreel 2016

Futurice designs and builds creative businesses and services for a new world. They're a one-stop agency for companies that want to be a part of creating that world.

This year Futurice started updating and redefining their brand identity, and chose their showreel to be the first step forward. The plan is that all the work that was done for the showreel (visual style, tone-of-voice, tagline, etc.) will be applied to all internal and external marketing channels.

The chosen visual concept was sort of an amalgam – ”a combination of diverse elements”. It combined analog with digital, tangible with abstract, nature with synthetic, human with computer, atoms with bits. Pairs that are often seen as polar opposites were mixed together to form a futuristic, playful and unique look that tells what Futurice is all about.

In this particular case, Futurice didn’t want to introduce any animated characters as ”actors” in the story. Even as it is often good way to bring warmth and emotion, in this case they felt that they would suddenly ”be stuck” with characters that also define how their surroundings would work. A big part of the abstract world and the visual freedom that were essential in the concept would be lost.

Instead the human presence was included in other ways. On abstract level it was organic, motion captured playfulness, and also objects that tell a story: a steaming cup of coffee, socks on the floor etc – signs of human life. This way the end result was human, but with less restrictions and with more of the wow-effect that was part of the mission.