Volvo – The Art of Movement


By 2030 Volvo Trucks aim to have 50% of their revenue from services and solutions. Going from selling trucks to owning a space in the data service market.

There was a need to tell the story about this new approach to prototyping and the 2030 data service vision. However, we couldn't show any prototypes in development. Also with a limited budget for production, the concept had a lot of parameters and a complex story to simplify into external communication.

'The art of movement'. To celebrate the new prototyping process, we used the process that a modern ballet choreographer goes through during creation as the core metaphor. The dancer begins by trying, failing and learning, becoming bolder and moving from steps and segments to leaps and smooth flow. Even at the end of the film it is still incomplete, ready for the next iteration, much like the prototyping process.
The data service layer is generated and revealed by the dancer throughout the film. This layer starts at a wireframe 2D graphic level and becomes increasingly photo-realistic 3D and fruitful throughout the film. Overall we move from 'chaos to choreography'.

We wanted the music to work conceptually with the prototyping improvement focus of the film. We used a track from Lubomyr Melnyk, a pianist who pioneered the 'continuous music' style, in which layers of fast and complex note-series are played over one another to create a multi-layered sound wall of sound. Sometimes it sounds discordant and at other times the layers match. It starts simple and slow, then becomes increasingly epic and powerful. We felt this represented the prototyping process well.

Animations done in collaboration with magnificent MORUMOTTO